Setup loopMIDI

Required for Windows Only

loopMIDI is required on Windows to create a virtual loopback MIDI port that Shove will send data to.  Your DAW will be configured to listen on this virtual port so Shove can communicate with it.  There are alternatives to loopMIDI but it’s freeware and really simple to setup.  It is highly recommended.

Download and install loopMIDI from:

  • Name:
  • Size: 8142921 bytes (7952 KiB)
  • SHA256: 086F8EFE1F6FDA99FC6A97430C077F9D6BD40A8E5DDAEB6CF86978B9F0C155D9
  • SHA1: DE9444C0D6FC25D70775FA08A94300ECFA5F6464

More info about loopMIDI:

After installing, start it up and create a new port.  The port has to be named “from Shove 1”.  Any other name will not work and this is case sensitive.

That’s all there is to it except you have to make sure loopMIDI is running in the background.  You can set it to autostart which is recommended.

Quick note about loopMIDI – if you can, please try to send Tobias a donation for his excellent work.  There is a PayPal link in the About tab of loopMIDI.