Using Drum Pad Mode with Shove and Ableton Push 2

Drum Pad Mode

Drum Pad mode allows you to use the standard 16 pad grid for beat production.  Shove splits Push 2 into 4 groups of 16 chromatic pads in a layout similar to Ableton’s Drum Rack.

  • The 4 groups are split into two columns with the lowest notes on the left half.
  • The pads are laid out as follows:
    • Bottom left pad is C1.
    • E2 starts the group above that.
    • The group on the bottom right starts with G#4.
    • The group above that starts with C5.
  • You can use the Page < and > Page buttons to shift (transpose) the groups of pads.  For example, pressing Page < one time will set the bottom left pad to C0.
  • If your drum plugin doesn’t start on C you can use a transpose feature in your DAW to tweak it.
  • Pressing the Session button will reset the pads to their default pitches.