Using Shove with Ableton Push 2 and Pro Tools

Windows users – install loopMIDI according to these instructions

  1. In Pro Tools, go to Setup > MIDI > Input Devices.  Check “From Shove 1”, you can ignore “From Shove 2”. 
  2. In the Device Setup window, click MIDI Port Setup under MIDI
  3. Uncheck the following:
    • Ableton Push 2 Live Port (Mac)
    • Ableton Push 2 User Port (Mac)
    • from Shove 2 (Mac)
    • Ableton Push 2 (Windows)
    • MIDIIN2 (Ableton Push 2) (Windows)
ProTools and Shove settings for Ableton Push 2

Configure MMC (MIDI Machine Control)

MMC allows the Play and Record buttons to work with Shove and Push 2.

  1. Go to Setup > Peripherals…  Then click on the Machine Control tab.  
  2. Check the box for MIDI Machine Control Remote (Slave) on the bottom and leave it at 127.
ProTools MMC settings for Shove and Ableton Push 2