Using Shove with Ableton Push 2 and Reaper

Windows users – install loopMIDI according to these instructions

Global Settings

  1. In Reaper, click Reaper > Preferences (On Windows, choose Options > Preferences)
  2. Choose MIDI Devices under Audio settings
  3. Double click “from Shove 1” to open the “Configure MIDI Input” window
  4. Check “Enable input from this device”
  5. Disable the 2 Push inputs as shown in the screenshot
  6. Click OK and click OK again to exit preferences
Reaper device setup for Shove and Ableton Push 2
Reaper MIDI input for Shove and Ableton Push 2

Track Settings

  1. Create a track and insert a VSTi
  2. Set track input with Input: MIDI > from Shove 1 > All Channels
  3. If you don’t have any other controllers than setting Input: MIDI > All MIDI Input > All Channels also works
  4. Enable Record Monitoring and arm the track to hear playback
Reaper track setup for Shove and Ableton Push 2