Shove for Ableton Push 2

Shove for Ableton Push 2 Screenshot


for Mac and Windows

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Shove makes Ableton Push 2 usable in other DAWs by bringing back some of the basic functionality like lighted pads, scales, modwheel/pitch bend, etc. It also adds a few new features as well.

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Four Performance Modes

  1. In Key
  2. Chromatic
  3. Drum Pads
  4. Linear


  • Get back the colored pads
  • Play all of the scales included with Push 2
  • Use the rotary encoders to send CC data
  • Control the following with Push 2 buttons or the Shove GUI
  • Switch between Modwheel and Pitch Bend
  • Cycle through Octaves, Keys, and Scales
  • Change the touchstrip in Modwheel mode to send CC1, CC2, CC5, CC7, or CC11
  • Use Play and Record if your DAW supports MMC
  • Select different colors for root notes and the LED buttons
  • Control the overall brightness of the pads and buttons

Tested with Cubase, FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One and Bitwig. It also works with standalone softsynths like Reaktor.

  • All sales final.¬† No refunds.
  • Attention Logic users: the chord detection in Logic doesn’t work properly when using Shove due to a limitation in Logic.
  • Shove is not compatible with Ableton Push 1.

* Windows users will need to install loopMIDI or another software package that can create a MIDI loopback port.  loopMIDI is the only package tested and supported.

Big thanks to Cee Lopez for creating this walkthrough video!