Email Problems

If anybody has tried emailing support, please email or use the form again. My email went pear shaped and I haven’t been receiving messages.

Shove 1.4 In Progress…Really

It’s been a while since my last update. My day job has been keeping me busy along with family life. I haven’t forgotten about Shove. 1.4 is still in the works and progress is being made.

Shove 1.4 In Progress

I wanted to let everyone know that I’m really really close to the 1.4 release.  It is focused on usability with saved settings, On button changes, and bug fixes. More to come later…

Shove 1.3 Released

New features: Control Shove with buttons on the Push. The performance modes, keys and scales can be cycled through using the block of 4 arrow keys and the page buttons.  See the User Guide for details. There is also a Panic button on the Push now.  The Delete button will stop any stuck MIDI notes. […]

Shove 1.3

I just wanted to let everybody know that I’m wrapping up Shove 1.3.  This should be completed soon. New feature: Linear mode I’ve added a new mode I’ve dubbed Linear mode.  This was a suggestion by Sergio because of the way he uses drum software with the samples mapped out chromatically.  This mode is a […]

Shove 1.2 Update

Work on Shove 1.2 is underway.  The big feature in 1.2 will be MIDI CCs from knobs and all other buttons.  There might be a couple more features but I don’t want to promise them and not deliver. Thanks to all that have reached out with suggestions and questions!

Shove 1.1 Update Part Deux

Shove 1.1 is testing is done.  I’m working on packaging up the app for Mac and Windows and documentation, then it will be released into the wild.  If you’ve purchased Shove you’ll get an email with download information. Some bad news – the On button remains and settings aren’t saved yet.  Will get this in […]

Shove 1.1 Update

Thanks a ton to the folks that have purchased Shove.  I’ve begun work on 1.1 and would like to give a brief update on the features I’m working on. Octave Up/Down buttons will, um, change the octave up and down. Play and Record buttons will work via MMC (MIDI Machine Control). Choose different MIDI channel […]