Shove 1.3 Released

New features:

  • Control Shove with buttons on the Push.
    • The performance modes, keys and scales can be cycled through using the block of 4 arrow keys and the page buttons.  See the User Guide for details.
    • There is also a Panic button on the Push now.  The Delete button will stop any stuck MIDI notes.
  • Linear mode
    • This mode is a chromatic mode where none of the pads play the same note, unlike in the Push 2 Chromatic mode where notes are duplicated across the grid columns.


  • Drum pad mode now uses the Octave Up/Down buttons to shift the grid and not the Page buttons.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a major encoder glitch.
  • The key would reset to C when changing octaves using the Octave Up/Down buttons.  Thanks to Craig for finding this.

Known Issues:

Now that you can change Shove settings via the Push it might be more common to encounter stuck notes.  To avoid this, don’t hold any notes down while switching Shove settings like octaves or keys.  This stinks and I can hopefully find a fix soon.